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Newborn Sleeping Bags & Sleepwear (0-3 Months)

From womb to world, ergoPouch has everything you need for safe, warm and uncomplicated newborn sleeping. Our organic and non-toxic sleepwear range for new babies includes newborn sleeping bags and swaddles that are specially designed to support healthy growth and development from birth, and support sleep needs in the first 3 months. Commonly referred to as the ‘fourth trimester’, your newborn will be sleeping around 16 hours a day as their body grows rapidly, their brain develops, and they learn a circadian rhythm. As a newborn baby cannot regulate their body temperature, it’s important they have safe-sleep products like our swaddle sleeping bags that will keep them warm without overheating their little bodies. Add in the challenges of feeding around the clock and constant nappy changes, and the sleepwear for your newborn needs to work as hard as new parents!

The time has come to graduate your preschooler from the confines of their cot to a big bed! While your little human is adjusting to their big bed, they may need help figuring out how to sleep under blankets and use a pillow. Additional safety considerations come into play such as side rails, easy access to the toilet and household hazards if walking about during the night. Sleepwear for your independent preschooler should encourage a sense of agency and self-sufficiency, whilst also keeping them safe. Consider our two-piece organic cotton Pyjama's for breathability and easy dressing, Sleep Onesies for warmth if blankets tend to fall off, and accessories such as Doll Sleeping Bags to make sleep routines fun and educational.

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