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Our Story

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Star Sweepers was founded with one thing in mind: offering quality sleep solutions to help your little one (and yourself!) enjoy a better night's sleep. 

Founded by a mom who has worked with global brands in the baby industry for over 10 years, Star Sweepers offers products which are fully safety compliant, ethically produced, sustainable sourced and of the highest quality.

With the birth of her first-born, she had many sleepless nights worrying if her little one was warm enough. Although he was a good sleeper, blankets were always kicked off leaving him uncovered and cold. In the search for local products, she found that there was really a need for high-quality, safe sleepwear to give you peace of mind at night. 

Today Star Sweepers is the exclusive supplier of world-renowned brands ergoPouch, Label Label, Tryco and Ding baby in South Africa. Now locally warehoused and efficiently shipped, the best quality sleepwear, sleep solutions, educational toys and tableware is right at your doorstep!



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