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From newborn to preschool, follow us over the next few months for helpful advice on your little one's sleep and how to help offer them safer, better sleep.

Sleep in the first few years is a challenge for so many parents. There are good nights and bad nights. 

But guess what — it’s completely normal if your baby isn’t a perfect sleeper. Your baby is miraculously growing, developing and learning at an incredible rate. All this growth is bound to interrupt sleep in ways that are sometimes predictable, sometimes not.

If you are struggling with sleepless nights, we are here to help. We’ve partnered with sleep Brave Little Baby, trusted Sleep Consultants here in South Africa, to bring you a series of step-by-step sleep guides.


Each of the five guides is designed to give you workable strategies and tools to safely navigate your way through changing sleep needs and routines in the first five years. 

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0-4M Newborn Guide

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4-12M Infant Guide

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12-24M Toddler Guide

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2-5Y Preschooler Guide

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0-4M Sleep Guide

Newborn Baby Sleep Guide (0–4 Months)

Baby, sleep & the fourth trimester

We are here to help. With the arrival of your bundle of joy, sleep may be something that feels like a thing of the past. 

In this guide we explore safe sleeping and sleep cycles for your 0-4 month old. Discover how much sleep is appropriate for this stage, how to set up your baby's sleep environment, identifying tired signs, and how to overcome common challenges.

Learn about the startle reflex, and get prepared for the rolling milestone. Jump into those precious newborn days empowered and ready!



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Baby Sleep Guide (4–12 Months)

Setting the stage for healthy sleep

All babies are different, and so are their sleeping patterns. 

You've heard many people talk about babies sleeping through the night and found yourself wondering, are we doing something wrong.. We're here to help and with the help of Brave Little Baby put together a guide to help set the stage for healthy sleep for your little one. 

In this guide we offer step-by-step advice covering longer sleep cycles, tired signs and sleep associations, routine, a healthy and safe sleep environment and getting prepared with the right sleep attire.



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About Brave Little Baby

Brave Little baby was created out of a passion for healthy sleep and shared interests in assisting mothers with all of the little hiccups along the long and winding road of parenting.

This expert team of qualified Sleep Consultants offer online consults and sleep courses to offer sleep-deprived parents solutions to help their growing mini sleep safe and sound. 

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