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Toddler (1-2 Years)

Oh the mighty toddler! So full of vitality, curiosity and adventure. When your sweet babe reaches toddler-hood, this exciting milestone can often be accompanied by many sleep disruptions. A walking toddler with newfound leg freedom wants to explore and may reject their once-loved sleeping bag, but is still too young to move to a big bed and blankets. Cognitive leaps alongside motor leaps can result in refusal to settle or sleep, and you may begin toilet training. At this stage, new toddler pyjamas and sleepwear can help your child understand positive associations with sleep, create healthy bed time habits and overcome settling challenges. Safe, comfortable toddler sleepwear and sleep products designed for their needs will help you get your mini into bed (octopus-wrangling, anyone?), and stay there (one can hope). Look for Sleep Suits with Legs or Sleep Onesies as safe alternatives to Sleeping Bags, for your toddler.

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