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Baby Tuck Sheet

The Baby Tuck Sheet is a TOG-rated, safe alternative to loose bedding in the bassinet or cot. Designed for newborns, the Baby Tuck Sheet is a firm-fitting mattress sleeve that provides added security and comfort after tucking baby into a cot for sleep. It's common practice in Australia in a maternity ward or ante-natal class for a midwife, nurse or sleep consultant to show you how to swaddle your newborn, then firmly tuck a sheet or blanket on top of them in the bassinet or cot for extra comfort and warmth. While this creates that yummy warm cocoon sensation, we're aware of the risk this loose bedding can pose in a baby's sleep environment. For the parents who follow this advice, we wanted to create an alternative product that gave the same benefits but was safer for these families, and posed less risk. Our Baby Tuck Sheet has been tested and approved as safe by leading safety infant organisation INPAA, and is to be used alongside our range of swaddles, layers and organic fitted sheets.

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