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How can I keep my baby's blankets on?

So many parents spend countless nights wondering if their baby is warm enough. From about 4 months old, your baby might become more active, and move around till she is free from her bedcovers.

Although a baby is better at regulating his/her body temperature at this age, being to cool (or too warm) increases the likelihood of waking and disturbed sleep patterns.

To prevent your baby from kicking off covers, it is good to invest in a quality sleeping bag or swaddle bag.

Here are a few things to look out for when choosing a sleeping bag:

- Choose one that is sleeveless and hood-less, and fits around your baby's arms and neck. This is to prevent your baby from slipping down inside it.

- Monitor room temperature and dress your baby accordingly. A helpful room thermometer is included with every ergoPouch product purchase.

- Overheating is one of the risk factors associated with sudden infant death syndrome, so make sure you choose the right TOG rated product for the relevant season. See our What-to-wear-guide for our recommended products and related TOG rating.

By following our ergoPouch TOG ratings and what-to-wear guide, your baby should be warm enough without the need for any blankets.

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