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Meet our Limited-Edition Pouch Tales Teddy Bear Collection

Our Autumn Winter collection of sleeping bags, PJs and sleepwear will keep babies, toddlers and kids warm and cosy in cooler temperatures. ergoPouch’s 1.0, 2.5 and 3.5 TOG sleepwear is safe for sleep, designed to be used on its own, without the need for blankets in the cot or bed, to keep your mini comfortable and warm. Look for long-sleeve sleeping bags, sleep onesies and pyjamas in the Autumn and Winter months, or use a Layer (pyjamas or bodywear) underneath your baby’s pouch for additional warmth. Our breathable organic, natural fibres will help regulate their child’s temperature and prevent overheating.

To shop our full range of Winter sleepwear, including our Heritage prints, view all 2.5 TOG sleepwear and all 3.5 TOG sleepwear.

Not sure what TOG to choose? Check our TOG ratings guide or learn how to dress baby for sleep in winter.

Cosy winter sleepwear for babies and kids
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