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How to Use the Drift Away Portable White Noise Machine

The Drift Away Portable White Noise machine features seven clean and clear sleep sounds, designed to promote deep, restorative sleep for babies and adults by masking disruptive noises in the sleep environment. Incorporate the Drift Away sound machine into your sleep routine by playing one of the sounds at bedtime to help you and/or your baby be soothed and calmed to sleep and build healthy sleep cues and habits.

Learn how to use the White Noise Machine

Using with a baby
Place the unit on a flat surface, at least 2m/6.6ft away from your baby when in use. Never place the unit next to your baby’s ears such as in the bassinet, cot/crib, or pram. Use the unit to assist settling your baby to sleep. Once baby is asleep, turn off the unit.

To turn sound on and off, press and hold down the Power button for 3 seconds for track to start playing.

Change the Sound Track
To change the track, press the Sound Track Selection button once. There are seven sound tracks to choose from. The unit will return to the sound it was playing when it was last turned off.


Sleep Tools

Accessories to help your little one through sleep challenges and transitions

What is white noise and why it's beneficial for sleep?

White noise is a sound made by evenly combining all the audible frequencies humans can hear at an equal intensity to create a steady noise with no specific pitch. This can sound like a fuzzy, humming, static-like or hissing like noise. White noise can be helpful by masking other sound and noises in the sleep environment that may be distracting or disruptive for a person going to sleep, and staying asleep. For infants, white, pink or brown noise can also act as a sleep cue for your baby, and calm and soothe baby through familiar sounds.

When used safely, white noise is suitable to use from birth for a baby as one part of your sleep settling toolkit.


Explore Drift Away

The Drift Away Portable White Noise Machine features seven clean and clear sounds. Our carefully curated tracks were chosen for their effectiveness in helping baby, child and adult brains alike be soothed to sleep. Sample each sound below, from classic white noise to popular pink and brown nature sounds.

White Noise







Sleep, anywhere

Unparalleled portability

Boasting an impressive 48 hours on a single charge*, Drift Away is ready for wherever your day, night or weekend takes you. Lightweight and compact, slip Drift Away into the nappy bag, pram basket, handbag, overnight bag or overhead locker for soothing sleep, anywhere.

*When playing sound only. Using the night light continuously will use up the battery life faster.

Simplicity and safety

For those who need a simple sleep tool without the unnecessary bells and whistles. The Drift Away Portable White Noise Machine provides clear, quality sound at a decibel level* that is safe for a baby’s developing auditory system. The soft light helps with overnight nappy changes or feeds.

*65db when 50cm away from baby, 50db when used 2 metres from baby.

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