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Una van Staden Pikanini Baby Academy

Meet Una van Staden

Owner of Pikanini Baby Academy

After the birth of a baby, one of the biggest adaptations you have to make is to adjust your life according to the patterns of your baby.

Most parents think they only have two options, sleep training or do nothing. I'm here to offer you a different option... Balancing your baby's needs, resulting in better sleep by identifying the root of the problem and teaching age appropriate skills with positive reinforcement NOT tears!

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Client Testimonials

Sleeping Baby

"Una did a sleep consult with us and taught us some techniques. LIFE CHANGING.!! We did that at 3 weeks, 4 months later we haven't had an issue!! Highly recommended."

"Una is incredible. We had a sleep consult with her after we had a terrible sleeper for a son!! One 90 minute session changed our lives. So nice to have a rested, happy baby!!!!"

"On a recommendation from a friend I called Una when my baby was 3 weeks, he is now almost 11 weeks and I have not had a single problem since that day. "


For expert sleep advice and one-on-one consultations, contact Pikanini Consulting

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